Pocket Games, Inc. is a new force in Video Games, aiming to bring together some of the industries key and influential figures to create a Company that delivers the very best in PC and Mobile gaming to the fast growing gaming community.

The Company modus operandi is to acquired fantastic IP, build brands around that IP and bring other Companies into the fold, in order to have a powerful base from which to succeed. It has already acquired its first IP in Idol Hands, a PC game that is due to be launched in Q1 2015. Plans are already underway to take the title to other platforms to maximize the exposure of the IP and to build a strong revenue base from which to work.

Having been approved by the SEC in April 2014 and granted access to the Public Markets in June 2014 it intends to apply for membership of the influential OTC QB tier of membership of the OTC Markets in due course. The Company has undergone an A Round of funding and is seeking to open a B Round in Q2 2015. The Company completed the DTC process in June 2014 and is DWAC eligible. It trades under the symbol PKGM.