London, UK, 15th December 2014
Today, Green Man Loaded is proud to announce the first two studios to join the label; Pocket Games Inc, and Burnt Fuse.

Both studios are set to release titles through Green Man Loaded in Q1 2015.

IdolHands by Pocket Games Inc is a strategy game where you gradually take over the world! You are a god in a time of many gods, but rather than having direct control over your people’s activity by placing buildings and micro managing, your people will live their lives for themselves. With your guiding hands, you can help them grow and prosper, eventually forming a fighting force to unleash upon your enemy’s population with the aim of wiping them out and leaving any other god powerless and defeated.

Keebles by Burnt Fuse is a physics-based puzzle game where you build vehicles using found gadgets, gizmos, and wheels found on Keeble island. Using your crafted carriages, you must navigate your way across challenging terrain to save as many Keebles as you can.

“Our first mission when we launched Green Man Loaded was to find talented and creative developers to work with. The impressive skill, enthusiasm, and vision of the Pocket Games Inc, and Burnt Fuse teams easily convinced me that they would be the perfect partners to kick off our label” said Gary Rowe, EVP Green Man Loaded. “I’m thrilled to announce they are the first studios we will be supporting, and we can’t wait to bring these games to a worldwide audience.”

David Lovatt, CEO at Pocket Games Inc said “Its an incredibly exciting opportunity for us to see IdolHands as one of Green Man Loaded’s launch titles through their new venture. We believe that the opportunity they are affording developers and players alike is great news for fans of PC Gaming.”

Gavin Gregson, Head of Programming at Burnt Fuse said “We are very excited to work with Green Man Loaded on the launch of Keebles. The wealth of industry experience that the Green Man Loaded team brings to a small indie developer like us is invaluable, and we’re honoured to have been selected to be part of their initial line-up.”

For more information please contact:

Gary Rowe, EVP Green Man Loaded
Tel: +44 (0)207 1352274

About Green Man Loaded

Green Man Loaded launched in September 2014 with the aim of delivering a range of high-quality PC titles from talented and creative developers to a worldwide audience!Green Man Loaded’s mission is to help developers navigate the challenging route to market and gain maximum revenue by supporting them with a modern publishing service designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s market.

By leveraging Green Man Gaming’s highly sophisticated, experienced, and energetic sales, PR, and marketing teams to massively increase the sales of its own titles. Unlike many of its competitors, Green Man Loaded can directly drive games to its own store, supported with heavy weight promotions to give them the initial exposure and attention that is increasingly challenging to obtain.

Green Man Loaded offers:
– Finishing finance options to help you complete your game
– Access to closed BETA programmes to help improve your game
– An energetic, experienced and highly sophisticated sales, marketing & PR team to get your game to market
– Fortnightly royalties to ensure you are swiftly rewarded for success
– Routes to world wide retail channels to get your game out to a global gaming audience
– The promise you – the developer – will always own your IP

About Pocket Games Inc

Pocket Games Inc. is a video games development and publishing Company. It is fully reporting and is listed on the OTC Market under the symbol (OTC:PKGM). Formed in 2013, the Company has developed games for third parties and has acquired video game IP since its inception. It plans to go to market either via third party publishers or via self-publication.

About Burnt Fuse

Burnt Fuse, founded in 2013, is an independent games and app developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Burnt Fuse’s first app was modTuner, an advanced chromatic instrument tuner, released on the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Burnt Fuse then subsequently followed this up with the release on modTronome on the Windows Store. The company is now looking forward to releasing Keebles, a physics-based vehicle-building puzzle game.

PRESS RELEASE – Green Man Loaded loads up first titles!